Of Love and Hate
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Mar 06 2007 03:42 pm

Okay...I've decided...

Okay people, I've decided. I love this comic idea to death, but I'm thinking about trying to redo the few pages I already have in ink.
What I'm PLANNING on doing is posting a few new updated pages along with the pages in ink, and then you can tell me which version you prefer. I personally wouldn't mind taking the time out to do the ink, but it all depends on what the fans think.
I'm also planning on waiting a bit to update all at once, that way I can finally get this comic on onlinecomics.net. Until then, await updates. I might update random stuff like I have been though. Stick with me, you'll like what you see. Thanx :)


xinying (Guest), Mar 15 2007 10:05 pm

dear sis
do you still remember me ? i come here to leave some message ...
i love your comics and look forward to seeing more

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