Of Love and Hate
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Jun 13 2008 07:29 pm

Please Read!!

Okay, okay. Yes...I know. It's been almost a year or more since the last time I posted ANYTHING, but if ANYONE out there still knows that this comic exists, please give it a look sometime soon. I'm going to try to revamp this comic because originally, I didn't have much of a plan for it. It's kind of hard for me to plan this kind of stuff out, but I like these characters way too much to give up. Soooooo....I'm going to re-redo these pages again. My art has improved, soooo I think it'll look better. The characters. Going to revamp the plot, characters, all of that. Soooo, I'll continue to post and try to update you with news until I'm ready to post some actual pages. Until then, I need one favor: PLEASE give me feedback on what I have. Leave me comments about what you like and what I could possibly improve on, that way I can make this is great as I can.

Please and thankyou!!!

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